Benefits of Automatic Pool Covers

There are lots of reasons to use a pool cover, however the process of putting them on and taking them off can be frustrating. Unfolding them can mean tangling, bunching, even tearing. For an easy solution, automatic pool covers is your answer.

Automatic pool covers are simple to use and extremely convenient. Our state-of-the-art automatic pool cover offers the fastest and most powerful waterproof motor ever invented to power an automatic pool cover. That means you have the ability to cover your pool with a simple touch of a button, and within minutes your pool will be securely covered.

Our automatic pool covers also include touchpad and wireless touchpad controls, and zero-maintenance drive systems. A warranty is even available so that you can replace yours if you ever experience problems.

If you have small children, you still get the safety you need with our weighted with barrier protection pool covers.

Because our pool covers are energy efficient, you can save annual costs for pool heating, electrical and chemical costs by 80 percent! You can expect to experience a great deal of savings simply from solar heating, energy conservation, and the elimination of water evaporation, which means that our automatic pool cover will basically pay for itself.