Self Closing Gates

Its patent-pending, one-piece design allows for optimum functionality, utilizes a self-latching, removable key-locking feature and is offered in the same variety of color combinations to match our pool fences.

Pool Guard of Tucson Self-Closing Gate doesn’t rely on tension to operate correctly.  Its framing system allows the gate to stand alone and always stay within adjustment.  In addition, our self-closing gate can be retrofitted to work with your existing pool fence!

Manual Gate vs. Self Closing Gate

Although the mesh fencing comes with the option of a manual gate, it is much safer to go with the self closing gate. As parents we tend to be more cautious than others so we are more likely to always remember to close the gate correctly with the manual gate entry. However, what about the swimming pool service employees or landscapers? Friends or relatives that come over to visit? Older siblings? What about any else who may enter the pool and not close the gate correctly? Not everyone thinks like a parent. Pool Guard always recommends to be safe rather than sorry and install a self closing gate. Pool Guard has a great self closing gate, one that comes with a lifetime warranty. This way you can always be assured that your gate will function properly. So, if you’re thinking of manual versus self closing gate, our recommendation is to go with the self closing gate. You will not have to ever ask the question, did I leave the fence open?